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About the Artist

My name is Jacqueline Walburn and I want to create your customized doll.

My passion for creating customized, life like dolls started nearly 30 years ago when I began collecting wooden sculpted dolls. From there, as my love for dolls and my collection began to grow, I started to create my own unique, one-of-a-kind dolls fourteen years ago.

As a mother of two beautiful daughters, I found my favorite creations are my portrait babies. Through a photograph, I am able to create customized dolls remarkably similar to the photograph that was given to me. By adding a special outfit worn by the child or individual, these life like dolls can bring back memories that will never fade. Along with my love for creating portrait babies, I enjoy remaking custom newborns and repairing porcelain and antique dolls.

My flagship store located in Gallipolis, Ohio, which is on the Ohio/West Virginia border. All of the dolls in Jacqueline’s Livin’ Dolls are ready for retail sale. To order a customized doll, simply email me a photograph of your loved one and I will create life like, special portrait baby for you.

I guarantee these customized dolls make wonderful keepsakes and heirlooms.