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Facial Expressions with Freckles
Customized Dolls

These beautiful, lifelike, one-of-a-kind dolls make a great addition to your collection or as a unique gift.

Purchase ready-made dolls from my store. These dolls are all originals, with no two alike.

If you’re looking for customized dolls, look no further. Jacqueline’s Livin’ Dolls creates one-of-a-kind, life like dolls that will make a truly unique piece for any collection or for any doll admirer. Customized dolls are created to your specifications through a photograph. Simply provide a picture through email and we can create a beautiful, custom, life like doll that is unlike another. No two dolls we create at Jacqueline’s Livin’ Dolls are alike.
If near the Ohio and West Virginia border, check out the Jacqueline’s Livin’ Dolls flagship store in Gallipolis, Ohio. At the flagship store, we carry ready-to-purchase dolls and customized dolls along with all kinds of accessories. Also, at the flagship store and online, we carry assemble-your-own doll kits and accessories from Apple Valley Doll Works and Secrist Dolls for you to create a custom doll yourself.
Check out some of our customized dolls and if you have any questions or to place an inquiry, email Jackie@jaquelineslivindolls.com or call 740-446-8640.
We look forward to creating a custom piece just for you!
Dolls can be created to your specifications through special orders. Portrait babies are my specialty. These dolls are created from a portrait you provide.

Assemble your own doll with doll kits and accessories from Apple Valley Doll Works or Secrist Dolls

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